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About this item

  • It’s a very sturdy nylon fabric ratchet belt, not flimsy at all to work well as carry belt.
  • Our Belt has concealed carry purposes, it’s no problem to hold IWB and OWB holsters every day. Conceal carry nylon belt is perfectly for those who would like to carry handguns securely but don't want others to know they do, never slip.
  • Metal ratchet buckle on this belt has strong lever locks onto nylon belts plus with additional screws to ensure 100% lock buckle and belt stably, to avoid potential of failing at anytime when carrying gun holsters, or carrying small tools when using it as heavy duty work belt. and it is very durable
  • 1 1/2 inch width gun tactical belt widely fit for different pants. It has a ring to hold the tail of belt tightly if your pants loops aren’t placed well, easy and flexible adjust on length without concern. EDC gun belt is cuttable by taking buckle off.
  • The EDC ratchet mechanism allows you to adjust the belt to your precise fit, ensuring comfort and flexibility depending on lose or gain a few pounds, with or without carrying gun holsters/tools. It can be used as every day carry belt, tactical belt or casual gun belt.

Concealed carry belt Ratchet system

SKU: 1005006199936868
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