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  • Elevate Your Shooting Experience - Enhance your shooting experience with EARMOR M20T Electronic Shooting Ear Protection. These advanced shooting earplugs feature NRR26dB, Wireless BT5.3, and Noise Cancelling capabilities, delivering superior hearing protection for shooting, hunting, range, construction, mowing, workshops, and more.
  • Stay Connected & Aware -With advanced sound pickup technology and seamless Bluetooth connectivity, these M20T electronic shooting earbuds allow you to hear your coach's instructions or communicate with your shooting buddies while enjoying wireless music and calls. Experience superior noise reduction on the shooting range while staying connected to your surroundings.
  • Superior Noise Reduction - EARMOR M20T bluetooth hearing protection earplugs are equipped with the advanced Earmor ITSC System, providing rapid compression of gunshot sounds for maximum hearing protection. With an impressive NRR 26 dB, these earplugs effectively suppress hazardous noise above 82dB, ensuring your safety on the shooting range.
  • Comfortable & Secure Fit - EARMOR M20T Ear Protection for Shooting offers an unparalleled shooting experience with its comfortable and secure fit, provided by ergonomic foam tips that snugly fit in your ears without obstructing gun handling, wearing hats, or other movements. Feel at ease with the added peace of mind from lock fins and an optional anti-loss lanyard, ensuring the earplugs stay in place during all your shooting activities.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - The charging case provides up to 3 full charges, allowing you to enjoy extended use without any concerns while on the go.

M20 MOD3 electronic hearing protection

SKU: 3256804155607814
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