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  • ncreased Accuracy: Using shooting sandbags increases accuracy by providing added stability for precision shots. It holds the position for positive sight-in, making it a great option for hunters and shooters who require accuracy and precision in their shots.
  • Multi-Use: Shooting sandbags can support almost any rifle or shotgun type. This feature makes them a versatile option for hunters, shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Non-Marring and Non-Slip Surface: The non-marring and non-slip surface of the shooting sandbags ensures that they will not harm the rifle's finish. This feature makes it safe to use and helps to protect against damage
  • Portable and Practical Design: Shooting sandbags have a portable and practical design, with a shoulder carrying strap included. The quick-connect feature makes the bags easy to transport, making them a convenient option for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Durable Material: Shooting sandbags are made of durable water-resistant 600D polyester, which ensures they can be used in various weather conditions. They are also constructed of heavy-duty materials, making them long-lasting

Rifle sand bag rest

SKU: 32891199032
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